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REVIVE Programme

A well-being programme designed by women for women to improve your energy levels, mood, metabolism, gut function and flora, hormone balance, physical strength, flexibility, balance and weight management

A dedicated programme combining the expertise of nutritional therapy, medical assessment and personal training to improve your overall health and well-being. Specifically designed for women.

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Our Story

This 12-week programme offers a truly holistic approach to improving your overall well-being during the menopause transition. 

Meet The Team

The Programme


Menopause Consultation

Your programme includes a comprehensive menopause consultation with our BMS menopause specialist. 

For women who are perimenopausal & post menopausal this consultation will assess your symptoms, provide opportunity to discuss treatments or to have a comprehensive review of your current treatment plan


Nutritional Assessment & 12-week protocol

Following an extensive initial nutritional assessment, Sil will start you on a 12 week individualised nutritional protocol of diet and supplementation to address your needs. You will meet with Sil every fortnight to assess progress, make alterations and to set goals


Weekly or twice weekly personal training

Your choice of weekly or twice weekly personal training sessions with Matt at his Chiddingfold based fitness hub. 

Each 30 minute PT session will be designed to your goals, focusing on women's specific fitness. The aim is to provide you with a head start in addressing your strength, flexibility, balance, improve your bone density and overall fitness.

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