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Perimenopause & Post Menopause Care Consultations


We offer individualised consultations for the treatment of the perimenopause and menopause, including the prescribing of HRT and non-hormonal prescribable alternatives. We work with you and our associate partners to provide you with a holistic treatment plan that reflects your values and treatment aims.

New patients: initial menopause consultation and what to expect

Step 1

To begin we ask you to book an initial consultation either in-person or online. We will then send you a pre-consultation medical history and menopause symptom questionnaire to help us understand your health needs. 

Step 2

During your initial consultation we will complete an in-depth review of your symptoms and take you through possible treatment options. We will complete an optional lifestyle medical review assessing your sleep, nutrition, weight management, mental well-being, physical activity, use of harmful substances and review the impact on relationships of your perimenopause/menopause

Step 3

We will formulate a treatment plan that reflects your values and treatment choices. If appropriate we will prescribe HRT, non-hormonal alternatives and/or recommend any supplements and alternative therapies. We may organise a blood test (see prices) to make further assessment. We will make lifestyle recommendations and refer you to any of our associate professionals for further work if required.

On-going Care

After your initial consultation we will invite you for a check up and follow up consultation to make any necessary dose adjustments, review results and to optimise your treatment response. 

We are then happy to transfer care to your GP or to continue managing your menopause care with annual reviews and a repeat prescription service. 

Existing patients

6-week check up

 If as part of your treatment plan you start HRT we advise booking a mini-consultation to make sure your symptoms are being controlled, any short-term side effects are manageable and whether a dose increase is recommended at this stage before your three month follow-up consultation.

3-month follow up consultation

Typically three months after your check up appointment you will see the same practitioner again to review the effectiveness of your treatments, review any blood results and make any necessary adjustment to treatments. With your consent we will provide your GP with a copy of your treatment plan and any referral recommendations for them to follow-up. You will also receive a copy of your treatment plans, wellness goals and any blood results.

After starting HRT we see you at 12 months to assess and optimise your treatment. After your 12 month review we are happy to continue your care or transfer your prescribing to your GP for those treatments available on the NHS, with your GP’s agreement.

 For women who choose to continue their care with The Menopause Specialists, whose condition and symptoms are stable, we complete annual reviews to assess the effectiveness of treatment over time and to review medication dosing and lifestyle adjustments for your future health needs.

Mini video consultation

If you have any concerns or need extra support we are happy to see you at any time by booking additional follow-up consultations. We offer mini-consultations to resolve any shorter patient specific issues and provide free email Q+A support for non-patient specific issues such as medicines information or service signposting.

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