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Perimenopause & Beyond Menopause Care



For some women, going through the menopause can be isolating and turbulent. Confusing statistics on HRT, lack of GP direction and misdiagnosed symptoms can leave women feeling lost and alone.


Often women come to our clinic who have already seen many different professionals, have already tried alternative therapies or have been prescribed HRT, but haven’t had the results they were expecting. Our clinicians are trained to optimise your treatment, recommend safe and effective options that match your values and healthcare needs.


We aim to give you back control of your health and well-being through making informed treatment choices and making sustainable lifestyle changes that improve your current and future health. We support you to improve you physical health and mental well-being.

Areas of expertise

We offer treatment and advice for the perimenopause, post-menopause, testosterone deficiency, primary ovarian insufficiency (POI), surgical menopause & early menopause.

We can advise and prescribe for the following treatment options:

  • Body-identical hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

  • testosterone

  • non-hormonal medical alternatives

  • supplements and herbal remedies

  • alternative therapies

  • lifestyle, nutrition and well-being treatment plans

Our Service includes

  • In-depth initial consultation to establish effective treatment options; HRT vs non-hormonal alternatives, optimising current therapy, supplements & non-pharmacological approaches

  • Lifestyle medical review: Sleep, weight management, nutrition, exercise, sexual desire and comfort, mental well-being, relationships, harmful substances/addictions, effects on hair, skin and bone health

  • Body-identical MHRA regulated oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone hormone replacement therapy (HRT) prescribed according to British Menopause Society (BMS) and NICE guidelines

  • Blood analysis to optimise oestrogen and testosterone levels

  • Blood test deficiency screening

  • Access to a network of multi-disciplinary professionals to address individual needs


Hormone replacement therapy

We aim to empower women to make informed choices whether their decision is to use HRT or to try alternative approaches. We understand that the thought of using HRT for many women is worrying and we are here to help explain all the benefits and any risks associated with the different treatment options. We can reassure you on the safe and effective use of body-identical HRT including testosterone replacement if appropriate.

Alternatives to HRT

The menopause specialists fully support women wanting to try alternative approaches to HRT due to personal preference or when HRT isn’t recommended. This could be advising on non-hormonal medication options or the use of alternative therapies and supplements. There is much confusion and uncertainty about the effectiveness of the vast range of herbal and supplementary products suggested to help menopausal symptoms. Our experts help to clarify these questions and give evidence-based advice.


Lifestyle medicine

At the menopause specialists, we believe that addressing the whole lifestyle of our patients, alongside conventional medical treatment offers maximum benefits to women looking to regain their vitality and zest for life. We challenge you to address all aspects of your health and well-being including; sleep, weight management, nutrition, exercise, sexual desire and comfort, mental well-being, relationships, harmful substances/addictions, effects on hair, skin and bone health to really feel back on form.

We ensure that you feel back in control and can navigate your way through this tricky period with recognition, support and professional advice.


Are you ready to take control?


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